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Marketing has always been the drive for any business and the relationship between these two can be likened to an old advert used by a famous margarine brand- “B without an A is like a train without an engine.”

Since Ecommerce is the new order of the day, marketing is now heavily reliant on digital means and has continued to determine the success or otherwise of any eCommerce brand.

Let us take a dive into some of the reasons digital marketing can’t be ignored by any eCommerce brand:

It helps in customer acquisition

The first thing to consider in any business is that even if there’s a physical store, you would never be able to reach out to all your potential customers without using digital means. 

Try to recollect the number of orders you’ve gotten from someone who viewed your website or a blog post you wrote about some products and then reached out to you for sales- you should compare this number with those that actually came to buy from you without seeing anything online.

The world is now mostly online and that is where your priorities should lie in terms of marketing. From putting up the details of your business in the local directories or posting pictures of what you sell or do, you acquire more customers who might not have otherwise heard anything about what you offer.

It helps in grabbing the right customers’ attention

With the myriad of means with which to reach out to your potential customers via digital marketing, there will always be something that appeals to the different kinds of people that would require your services. 

From ensuring that your business comes up in search engines (Search Engine Optimization and Marketing) to selling your products via emails (Email Marketing) or putting up carefully crafted content relating to what you do on different social media platforms (Social Media Marketing), there is always a way for you to grab your customer’s attention.

With digital marketing channels, you are not only putting your brand out, but you are also making sure that the people that would be needing what you offer are the ones seeing your business or referring you to others.

It makes it easier to track your progress

What would give you greater satisfaction than being able to keep a track of what you do?

As against the traditional marketing styles where you meet customers physically, exhaust all your energy to ‘convince’ them only to never see sales from them, digital marketing gives you the room to know what works well for you and what doesn’t.

If you send out an email about special offers, for instance, analytics allows you to know who opened it and who clicked it. With this information, you will know if there’s a need to tweak the headlines or segment the recipient list- the beauty of digital marketing.

Analytics makes it easy for you to know your strengths and weaknesses by showing you the figures. If your posts on Instagram brought more leads for the month, you might then put more effort into the type of content you are putting up on the platform rather than doing everything at once.


The importance of digital marketing in eCommerce cannot be overstated and for anyone that wants to successfully run a business in the present day, you have to invest your time, energy, and resources into ensuring that you market your products and services through digital channels.

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