Transacting online is a very risky venture, no doubt. There are days when we ask ourselves if buying online is a risk worth taking while some have decided to never make online purchases. There is no gainsaying in the fact that the digital world is stacked with so many scamming schemes and methods that have made unsuspecting online shoppers do away with their hard-earned money into the hands of these scammers. 

The media is littered with gory stories of purchases gone wrong, so, even people who have never made online purchases before are in a state of fear and confusion. But times keep changing; purchases and transactions keep getting digitized, the world is shifting from the traditional method of purchase to the digital. In fact, there would come a point in time whereby we will be left with no choice than to make online transactions. 

How do we now know which vendor is authentic? How do we know who is a scammer and who isn’t? How do we make payments online without having to sweat or doubt the originality of the vendor we are buying from? 

The creation of a database of verified, tried and trusted stores is the solution and this is what we are offering you. With the Vendors by Vesicash platform, online shoppers are offered hundreds of verified online stores they can transact with. What this means is that the chances of getting scammed is reduced to zero. 

So, there is no gainsaying in that it is key to have a database of secure, tried and trusted Ecommerce stores all over the country. With this database provided by Vendors by Vesicash, buyers get to transact with trusted sellers only and shoppers who make use of this platform would never fall victim to scammers, any more. In fact, payments made by shoppers are secured using digital escrow.

With escrow, your payment is secured and protected by policies that make you entitled to a refund if the sale falls through. With this platform, online shoppers will be able to make better decisions. 

The Vendors by Vesicash also allows buyers drop reviews about a brand. On this platform is a search box with which they can verify the authenticity of brands. If for example, a shopper comes across an Ad from a brand that’s new to them. They could use this search box to verify if the brand is original, and even read reviews by previous shoppers about the brand. So, shoppers would trust only brands that are enlisted on this platform. As an add on, shoppers could even make requests to enlist a brand they have transacted with and found to be authentic. 

Also, as a seller, it’s both depressing and discouraging to keep losing customers because you can’t show them you’re original. It is also tiring to keep questions from people about your authenticity. This is why you need this platform that is dogged to enlist authentic brands, only.

When you get your store enlisted on this platform, your sales take better shape as online shoppers will trust you better. And, people buy from people they trust. In fact, your enlistment on this platform could be a Unique Selling Point that distinguishes you from the rest, it could be a stronghold that puts you ahead of your competitor and gets you more sales, all because shoppers trust your brand better.

What else are you waiting for? Visit to get listed as a vendor or even put up your favorite brand up for listing.


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