For anyone who knows that I have run an online shop for almost 3 years now, they will be surprised to see that I have been cheated on numerous occasions. From the day I got an order for a crepe party dress that was never received from the delivery guy after I had it shipped into the country to the time I sold a wig worth 35,000 naira that got returned with the excuse that the buyer had spent the money on something else, I told myself I had endured enough with all these indecisive buyers and I decided that I would strictly enforce that customers make payment before I deliver their order. It has been an ordeal trying to convince them to get on board with this and I have been as a result, losing customers since they are set in their ways and are adamant that they cannot pay to me upfront before they receive their item.  I was there, losing customers that would rather do physical shopping, not knowing that there was a solution just around the corner.

I had never heard about the term escrow service till I visited my friend, Mabel who runs an online store for beauty products. I remember vividly that I had gone to her workplace on this day and overheard her discussion with another colleague about how she just received confirmation of her delivery and would automatically get paid for her goods. The curious cat in me wouldn’t let such news pass by without further probing, so I took the opportunity to ask about how well she knew the buyer to trust her to pay after delivery.

‘Girlfriend, you are still doing payment after delivery in this era, if the buyer no come pay nko? I asked, eager to know that information that my friend was hoarding.

‘Babes, na Trizact I use o, in fact, the buyer has paid into our escrow account and I got my money the moment she confirmed that the goods had been safely delivered to her ’ she replied and smiled at the seeming confusion on my face.

Mabel went ahead to describe Trizact Escrow as that middle man that ensures that transactions are seamless, transparent and fast. She also added that all I needed to get that assurance of payment was a unique payment link that was generated for her business.

‘That sounds too good to be true,’ I replied her and she then unlocked her phone and proceeded to show me the overview of the last transaction she did via Vesicash’s Trizact platform.

I exclaimed excitedly, ‘Wow!, So it is this easy to get my clients to pay? Please tell me more about Trizact biko.’

She then walked me through the process step-by-step. She asked me to visit after which I created a business account and added my bank details too. After providing my details, I got a payment link that can be shared with my customers for them to pay into a Trizact escrow account while I work on keeping my side of the deal. I asked for the next step after this and she asked if there was something that she could buy from me so that we could experiment with it.

I asked for the next step after this and she asked if there was something that she could buy from me as a test transaction.

Tell this to someone who has been itching to make more sales if not for the fear of previous occurrences. I quickly told her to check my Instagram page and place an order. Mabel settled for a pair of black flat shoes and I sent the payment link to her which she clicked on, filled out the details of the product she wanted to buy and then made payment into escrow via a bank transfer that was reconciled immediately.

I got a confirmation message immediately and proceeded downstairs to pick the shoes from my car (Lucky for me, it was one of the items I had with me that day). After receiving the shoes, Mabel confirmed receipt of the shoes and I instantly got a credit alert on my phone.

To say that I was surprised is an understatement, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that there would be a solution that builds trust amongst the parties, promotes sales, lends credence to a brand, while being super-fast and seamless. With Trizact, I no longer have to worry about customers trusting my brand or making losses to unserious buyers due to the payment before delivery clause.


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