As an e-commerce owner, you have to keep learning and evolving so that you are not left behind by the growing number of people in your chosen niche. It is important to know the easiest way of handling your business and this can be harnessed by the different tools at your disposal. Let us explore some payment and invoicing tools that you can use in addition to marketing and design tools that were earlier discussed:

Finance Management/Payment tools


This is an escrow payment platform that gives you the needed assurance on all sales by eliminating all forms of fraud. With the different escrow products rolled out by Vesicash, you will always be able to provide your clients with seamless and transparent payment options.

Inflow Finance

Inflow is a personal finance app that allows you to link all your bank accounts in one place, create budgets and get insights on your spending. You can create budgets for your expenses on Inflow to see where your money is going. The app sorts your transactions from Transport to Airtime & Data to Food and Entertainment.


PiggyVest is a very secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings. 

Invoicing tools

Invoice [NG.]

With Invoice, you can manage expenses, create invoices and estimates to send to your clients. The wonderful thing about Invoice is that it can work for almost everyone: it’s a good solution for freelancers and also business owners with a dozen employees. This tool also supports collaboration as users can easily add team members and contractors to access accounts and projects.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho makes it easy to create and send well-designed invoices. Even with the free account, you’re able to customize every little detail on your invoice to reflect your brand. Zoho Invoice also integrates well with Zoho’s other suite of apps, which includes marketing, email, HR, and business process tools.