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Since you’ve been working from home, when have you been procrastinating that task you should have carried out already? Have you finished the online course you started way back? I’m not going to blame you though because I know that we are in difficult times and are struggling to stay above the water. I’d like you to be productive irrespective of how tough things get because your employers expect you to deliver, your business is crying to get online– let us dive into some of the tips that can help you work effectively from home:

Create and stick to a schedule

To get any meaningful task accomplished in this period, you will need to create a schedule that works for you and be religious to it. Some employers have an already mapped out schedule for work and you are expected to follow it through. This is why you should allot your time to the things that need to get done and set reminders where necessary. You don’t want to have numerous overlapping tasks staring back at you while you waste time under the guise of ‘resting’.

Set Priorities

I know that it can be difficult to prioritize tasks and organize workflow if the traditional framework of offices and workspaces is missing. This is why you should have To-do lists explaining what is urgent and what could be shelved till later. 

It is also important to keep in touch with other teammates by staying online on official communication channels- it is almost impossible for everyone on your team to forget tasks at the same time. Aim to squeeze all the commitment and results you can out of working hours.

Select the proper tools

The fact that you are working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t work with the best tools. These tools aren’t just restricted to the work but things that make you comfortable enough to deliver. Proper tools for you might start from getting a comfortable chair to sit on or a table that allows you eye-level contact with your laptop.

For work tools, ensure that your laptop or tablet is in good condition. You also have a wide range of cloud-based tools that can effectively let you work remotely. Figure out what you need as an individual or as a team.

Map out boundaries

Shuffling in and out of work mode is inevitable when working from home. Picture having to stay serious while working in the comfort of your bed- it’s hard,right? This is why you should make mental notes of when it is time to work and time for relaxation. Carve out space in the corner of your room- this makes you mentally prepared that you are leaving home for work even if both are in the same space.

Take lunch breaks like you would while in the office but don’t eat beyond the allotted time. At the official close of work, set reminders for the following day so that you can prepare ahead.

Finally, take care of yourself!

Knowing your energy levels will help you understand when it’s time to take a break or not. The lockdown is enough to dampen anybody’s spirit and working in solitude might drain you more than ever. 

This is why you should do regular exercise- this could mean taking a walk around without thinking of anything relating to work. You should also eat healthily and a midday nap won’t be wrong if it would make you more energized.

Once you’ve got the tasks for the day accomplished, you can read a book, see a movie or walk outside to get fresh air. The most important thing is to know what works for you and stick to it.

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