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As a confirmed Grade 1 Okrika Seller, my eyes are always on the ground for low-cost clearance sales that would fetch me good profit at the end of the day. Before the influx of online scammers, all I needed to do was scroll through the social media pages of people advertising such juicy deals, I’d send DMs about the items I want, send the money to the seller’s account number and the goods would be delivered to my shop.

Before I almost became a victim of fraud, I had heard a lot of my other colleagues in the same Okrika line bitterly complaining about goods that never arrived after making payments and I would sympathize with them but with a slight pride within me that I was smarter than that- I didn’t know my own experience was just around the corner.

I came across an advert on one of the group pages that I belonged to about someone who wanted to do a mouthwatering clearance sale of hot water jars- the ever-active business sense in me became alerted and I saw this as an opportunity that shouldn’t slip me by.

After a lot of back and forth with the ‘CEO’ of this well-advertised company, we both agreed that I would send in the payment for the goods and he would use a known logistics company to send my orders, I sprung into action and started raising the funds so that I would beat other Buyers to it.

Although the amount was something I could get within a few days, I told him to give me a grace period of a week- he hammered on the fact that I might not get the goods at the agreed rate after a week and also proceeded to send me his account details.

I went through the website of the company he claimed to work with and I didn’t see any of the numbers he messaged me with. The account details he sent to me also didn’t correspond with that on the same website he told me to check so I knew something was amiss. I then confided in another friend of mine who told me that the only way to confirm the legitimacy of his claims was to use a digital Escrow service.

I remember that she had previously mentioned Escrow but I didn’t pay any attention to it. With her help, I signed up for Vesicash’s personal escrow account and thereafter chatted with the Seller.

He told me he hadn’t used Escrow for any transaction before but I was insistent that it was the best way to ensure transparency. The moment I mentioned that I wasn’t going to pay if he didn’t agree to the use of Escrow for our transaction, uncle ‘CEO’ said I wasn’t serious and blocked me on all platforms. It was later that other Sellers started putting up posts about how they were swindled of their money by the same person.

With Vesicash Escrow, I can now gladly transact with honest brands and both of us have the needed assurance that we don’t have plans of bailing out or doing anything shady. Apart from using a personal account to buy items, I have also been able to create my unique Trizact payment link which I share with people that buy from me- both ways, I am confident, with my payments and online transactions, as escrow has me covered.