Are you a freelancer that has fallen victim to people that would ask you to deliver a service but end up bailing out on their ends of the transaction? Have you required the services of people and had to make payments beforehand but end up getting disappointed with the delivery without getting a refund?

Vesicash Milestone payment feature was created to solve the problems associated with service-based transactions and getting freelancers to deliver on their promises and get payment without any hassle. 

This feature allows for payment to be made in installments or tranches for every delivered part of the project. It is perfect for developers, designers, content developers and other creatives that desire an escrow system that rewards them based on the deliverable track.

If you are looking for an escrow payment solution that gives you assurance and is safe, then the milestone feature is what you should consider. Here are reasons you should try out the milestone payment feature for your next service-based transaction:

It gives motivation for each completed tasks.

We all agree that money is good motivation and considering the fact that there might be no other way to hold people to their words, the Vesicash milestone feature makes it easy for you to get payment for each completed part of the service to be rendered. With this pro rata or merit-based approach, you are certain that your hard work is always rewarded appropriately 

Assurance is given that the service would be delivered since funds won’t be released otherwise.

With Vesicash Milestone feature, you have no reason to doubt that the freelancer would deliver exactly what you both have agreed on at the beginning of the transaction and at the stipulated time. This allows  you to set dates for the tranches to be paid, this means that the person delivering the service knows the importance of keeping to the timeline since their payment is dependent on the delivery on their part. This gives room for the completed task to be reviewed and verified, before moving on to the next phase of the project.

It is perfect for services that require upfront payment for production. 

For service-providers  who require that a certain percentage of the total fees be paid upfront before the service production takes place, this feature would be a great way to account for that equitably. Since both parties would have agreed on how they want to spread the payment out, the seller or provider of the service will be certain that the rest of the payment won’t be lost as long as they deliver.


Never again will you put in your creativity and effort into a project and end up getting scammed or have  the terms changed at the last minute. Also, as someone who would require help with certain service-based projects and worried about how to ensure that the money doesn’t get delayed till the final completion, Vesicash Milestone Feature is the way to go. It is seamless, transparent and completely easy to navigate. 

Enjoy an extra layer of security and smooth installment escrow payments with Milestone Escrow. Visit to use our Milestone payment option. You can also send your feedback, questions and other information to