We all need help with things, especially skills that do not necessarily have to be delivered in person. With everyone now relying heavily on digital services, we all need freelancers at one point or the other. Hiring a freelancer might however be a herculean task, especially if it’s not something we’ve done before- this is why it is important to follow certain steps when asking for the services of a freelancer in order to avoid stories that touch. Here are some of the tips that have been curated for you:

Ask for previous works done

The first task before hiring a freelancer is to ask such a person to submit a portfolio of works they’ve delivered in the past. You cannot rely on word of mouth only in this case because you need all the proof that you can get in order to help in your decision making. Asides the fact that asking for their portfolio makes you know what they are capable of doing, it also helps you stick with the best option since you would have compared various freelancers before settling for one. For you to believe that the person you want to hire is the best, you have to see what he/she has done before.

Research the prices for the service that you need help with

Before you can negotiate the price with a freelancer, you must have the knowledge of what is charged for the service you are hiring help for. Negotiation is very key in hiring and as much as you don’t want to be cheated, you shouldn’t offer to pay ridiculous prices too- ask experts in the field about the price for what you want to do. Knowing the price also helps in decision making, especially when you want to compare different freelancers before settling for one.

Use Escrow

For safe payment and guarantee that the other party will deliver, you should use escrow service. Vesicash escrow enables you to authorize payment when you are satisfied with the service rendered although the money would have been safely deposited into a trust account so as to give the freelancer an assurance that you want to pay. If the service that you require will be delivered in batches, Vesicash escrow will make this easier because we also offer milestone payments.

Leave an honest review

Once you have made the decision of picking a freelancer and you would have paid via escrow, it is important to leave the person an honest review of their services. If you are impressed with the work done, you can also add a tip as a means of encouraging the freelancer to keep up the good work and do more.

Hiring a freelancer should not be stressful as long as you have made the necessary research on your options and prices. Paying with escrow is another way to give you control over your money while ensuring that the freelancer delivers. If you need help with initiating an escrow transaction, shoot us a mail at info@vesicash.com.