Business is about delivering what your customers expect and nothing makes customers happy other than being able to deliver on that expectation with speed and with as little hassle to the customer as possible. That’s why we’ve worked hard (hand-in-hand with you, our trusted Users) to further improve Trizact to add a feature that makes the escrow process even easier for your customers.

Product Links is a feature of Trizact with the aim of making it easy for online vendors to share the details of their products with potential customers and receive payment into a secure escrow account. Essentially, by creating a payment link for each Product, they have on offer.

Trizact Product Links are unique, shareable, and are an awesome way of getting customers to view the specific descriptions of the products they are about to make payment for. 

Follow this step by step guide on how you can create a link for your product(s) and share with potential customers to view and make payment into escrow with 3 simple steps:

Step 1

The first step to getting your product is by logging into your Trizact account (If you don’t have a Trizact account yet, you can follow this guide or simply visit the signup page here) Once you are logged in, click on Dashboard and select ‘Payment Links’. This takes you to the page where you can either copy your payment link or generate a unique product link.

Since you want to create a product link, you will click on the ‘Add Product’ icon.

Step 2

Here, you input the details of your products, you can add up to 4 pictures of each product you are creating the link for. You will add details like the name of the product, the amount, the delivery fee, your location, and every other important description about the product to be sold.

Once you fill in all the fields, click on the ‘Create Product Link’ icon. Boom, that’s it, your link is now live!

Step 3

You are redirected to a page with the Product Link you have created and you can either preview it or copy it so that you can share it directly with potential shoppers or put it up on your bio.

You can add as many products as you wish and each of the links will contain a payment link that allows them to pay into escrow securely.

With Trizact Product Links, you no longer have to stress yourself having long conversations about the products you have put on display, it also gives your customers the conviction that they can trust that their money is safe and won’t be released till the delivery is made-  a sure-fire recipe for more sales.

If you don’t have a Trizact account yet, visit to sign up and you would be able to get listed on Vendors by Vesicash platform, receive payments into Escrow via Trizact payment link and also create unique product links for your goods/services.