Peer-to-Peer transactions, also known as P2P are transactions that require the exchange of money and goods/services between two parties. It could be as simple as splitting payments with a friend or as significant as buying property from an unknown person over the internet.

P2P transactions can be successful with the introduction of one important element- trust. You would have to have faith that the other transacting party, whom you might have had no previous business relationship with and have no idea whatsoever of how honest they would be in the course of the transaction, would deliver on their end of the deal as expected.

A lot of people in recent times have had myriads of complaints about P2P experiences gone wrong- from a Vendor that didn’t deliver products as agreed or one that delivers something completely different to what was ordered with no chance for the buyer getting refunds. We’ve also heard stories about Sellers getting fake alerts or Buyers disappearing after receiving the goods without paying beforehand.

The need for P2P transactions will not go into extinction and scammers won’t relent, this is why digital escrow is the panacea for digital payment woes. Trust might have just gotten a new name; Escrow and it is one that you can always count on. If you are planning on having a P2P transaction soon and you want the best assurance that you can get, here are the Escrow products that will give you just that:

Trizact– Provides Social Commerce business owners (sellers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) with their unique payment link that they can share with Buyers,  allowing them to receive escrow payment with ease. Trizact is seamless as the buyer does not need to sign up and payment is released to the Seller after the delivery has been made and accepted.

Instant escrow–   makes it easy for the transacting parties to create a transactional escrow account in as little as 3 minutes. Instant escrow comes in handy for on-the-go transactions as it does not require any sign-up for both ends.

Milestone Escrow– which is ideal service-based P2P transactions or the ones that would require getting paid for each completed part of a service or project. It allows the transacting parties to decide and agree on how the funds would be released in installments.

Whether you are looking to complete an urgent trade deal or you want to be able to receive funds in tranches for your services, Vesicash Escrow will ensure that all your P2P transactions are carried out seamlessly and with the guarantee that both parties are treated fairly and equitably. Visit today and experience smooth and assured P2P transactions.