Online shopping has become a hobby for me and nothing has given me more satisfaction than searching for my needs online and getting them delivered to my doorstep. In fact, I have gotten so accustomed to buying online that I would gladly drive by stores, do some window-shopping and then proceed to buy from an online store.

If it is possible to go back in time to the days when online stores were legit and most merchants were trustworthy, I will surely take a flight back because my experiences before I learned about escrow were nothing close to good.

It started with a known clothing line that advertised real cotton T-shirts and I had ordered in bulk after making payment. When the delivery came, tears welled up in my eyes as I beheld the substandard products that stared back at me.  I had to issue refunds to some of my customers that had earlier paid for the T-shirts and ended up selling the goods at a far lower rate than I had intended.

Oh, I definitely can’t forget this annoying merchant too in a hurry- the salesperson had insisted that I pay for delivery too, only for me to receive a call from the logistics company tasked with delivering asking me to come to pick up my goods miles away from the agreed location with the threat that they would return it to the company within a few hours if I didn’t show up. Thanks to Lagos traffic, I got to the location an hour late and luckily, just in time to prevent them from returning the goods. This would have meant me having to make another payment to have my goods shipped again – all because of one online merchant that wouldn’t keep her end of the deal.

It was my younger brother who had seen a tweet by Vesicash and informed me that using escrow service would save me from further troubles. Without wasting any time, I created a personal account on the Vesicash platform and began using them for my transactions.

Not only has Vesicash ensured that I got exactly what I ordered but the joy of having so much control over when payment is released is also indescribable. Anytime I initiated a new transaction, I grin and tell myself, “if there is an issue with the transaction, the money sits safely in escrow until everything is resolved.”

With Vesicash Escrow service, merchants now trust that I have no aim of absconding with their money since it would have been safely deposited into a trust account. I am also assured of seamless, safe and genuine transactions at all times.

For more information on why you should consider using escrow for your online transactions, send an email to  or visit


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