Trizact’s entry to the market in early 2020 was much-heralded, as it was a much-needed introduction into space. Trizact allows Vendors on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter to receive escrow payments from their customers via their own unique payment link. 

With Trizact, online shoppers are assured of a secure and transparent escrow transaction. The payment link is customized and can be shared with your clients via social media platforms- it can also be directly pasted on your bio. Trizact means that the payment on delivery (which places risk and liability on the Vendor) is no longer necessary, as you can now give customers the reassurance that their funds are held safely in escrow until they receive exactly what they ordered, when they’re expecting.

To get started with Trizact as a Vendor, follow this step by step guide and start receiving secure ecrow payments in no time!

Step 1 

The first step to using the product is by visiting and click on ‘Get Started’.

Step 2

Enter the required details of your business as shown in the screenshot above and click on ‘Next’

Step 3

Once you login to your dashboard, you can find your newly generated payment link displayed prominenelt on the sidebar. Directly beneath the unique payment link are the ‘View’ and ‘Copy’ options. Once you click on the ‘Copy’ icon, you can paste directly on the bio of your social media channels or share directly with your customers to make payment.

The next step for us is to see what happens when a customer clicks on your payment link.

Step 4

When you share your payment link with a customer to make payment, they get to click on the link and provide the details of the transaction like the item they are paying for, description, their contact details and the agreed amount they will be paying for the item. After providing these details, they will click on the ‘Pay’ icon and can proceed to make payment via Bank Transfer or Debit Card, according to their preference.

Step 5

Once payment is made by them, the details of the transaction are sent to you via email. The email contains the details of the transaction- you, as the merchant will then proceed to deliver the ordered goods, the Buyer will click on ‘Confirm Delivery’ and the funds will be disbursed to you. 

Try Trizact today and enjoy seamless escrow transactions via a unique payment link.


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