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Instant Escrow is an awesome product by Vesicash that allows you to pay securely into an escrow account in just 1 minute in order to eliminate distrust- imagine the need to finalize a deal on the spot but the seller is scared to go ahead because he/she has had fake credit bank alerts in the past. 

With Instant Escrow, the chances of scam are completely eliminated- sounds amazing right? Well, it is real and in just a minute, you would have completed your escrow transaction. 

Instant Escrow’s unique features include the swiftness of the transaction, a dedicated URL and landing page, on the spot onboarding for both parties, and no need to sign up. To get started with Instant Escrow, follow this step by step guide on the processes involved:

Step 1 

Instant Escrow Landing Page

The first step to using the product is by visiting

Step 2

Enter your phone number, the recipient’s phone number  and click on ‘Get Started’

Step 3


Provide the necessary details of the transaction like the amount, your email address, and that of the recipient. You would also need to give a description of the transaction, e.g ‘Payment for Mercedes Benz Kompresssor’. You also have the option of uploading the trade contract, if there’s any- this could be the bill of lading (for shipped goods) or original proof of ownership(for used vehicles). You are good to go after filling out the required fields, click on ‘Proceed’.

Step 4

You will get an overview of your transaction as shown in the image above. Once you are satisfied with the details shown to you, you can then click on the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button.

Step 5

As shown above, you will be given a couple of payment options. You can initiate a bank transfer into the dedicated escrow account, generated for your transaction or, you can pay via all major debit or credit cards. For international transactions, payment may also be made via wire transfer. For local bank transfer and card payments, funds are reconciled immediately.

Step 6

Once payment is made, the details of the transaction are sent to the other party via email to accept. The email contains a link for them to log into the transaction dashboard with the registered email address and phone number for them to click on the ‘Order is delivered’ icon.

Step 7

Once the buyer confirms delivery, the disbursement takes place and the transaction is completed.

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