Vendors by Vesicash, a product recently launched by the nation’s premier Escrow payment company, Vesicash, is a directory of all verified social commerce businesses in Nigeria.

This product allows Buyers search for the profile of online merchants before transacting with them. What Vendors by Vesicash aim to do is to solve the issue of distrust that has trailed online buying in recent times.

With Vendors by Vesicash, Buyers can confirm that the Seller they are about to buy from is legit and has no aim of playing games with their money. Sellers on the other hand would no longer have to go through the herculean task of convincing intending Buyers of their brand’s genuineness.

To get listed on the Vendors by Vesicash platform, kindly follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1

As a new user who wants to be listed as a Vendor on the Vendors by Vesicash platform, the first step to actualizing this is to visit and click on the ‘Get Listed’ button.

Step 2

You would be taken to the Trizact sign up page where you get to fill in your business details and also verify your email address and phone number.

Step 3

Once you are through with the Trizact sign up, you would then need to sign into the account and click on ‘Settings’ where you’d see the Vendors tab. Provide the details of your business social media handles and a brief bio.

Once you do this, you automatically get listed as a Vendor on the platform and Buyers can now view your profile, initiate Escrow transactions with you and also track your record.

For existing Trizact users that are wondering how they can get listed as a Verified Vendor, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1

You need to sign in to your Trizact account

Step 2

On your Dashboard, go the Settings tab on the bottom left and click on the ‘Vendors Tab’. Under this tab, kindly provide the details of your business social media handles and a brief bio.

Once this is done, you have automatically been listed as a Vendor on the platform.

To confirm that you’ve been listed, you can visit and search for the social media handle you provided. 

Once you’re listed and start receiving transactions, your customers can leave reviews which then show up on your profile and build your track record!

With Vendors by Vesicash, you can now gain your Customers’ trust and give them the required assurance that they’re dealing with a legit business.

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