Online Shopping means different things to different people- for some who have seamless and enjoyable experiences, it serves as a therapeutic exercise while for some, it is a nightmare that they do not want to relive. It’s true that you can not always be certain about how your online shopping experience may pan out until you give it a try but you can strive to make it a good one. Here are some tips that we have curated to help you get the best out of your online shopping experience:

Make enquiries about the Vendor(s) that you are buying from

Reviews! One of the best ways to avoid any unpleasant shopping experience is to know the person you are buying from. Check their Social Media platforms for their posts, go through the comment section to see how the Vendor has handled previous sales or situations, and ask around to see if there are others that have bought from her. Do not be in a hurry to close your sales, take enough time to make enquiries about the Vendor(s) that you want to buy from so as to avoid stories that touch. 

Be careful about mouthwatering offers

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. We understand that you want the best deal possible but be careful not to fall victim to online scams. Scammers hide under the cloak of ‘best deals’, ‘mouthwatering discounts’ and other tags to lure unsuspecting online shoppers. They also add an element of urgency to their offers; “last chance”, “don’t miss it” so, we advise you to be extra careful about any offer that looks too good to be real. 

Have an idea about the prices of goods/services so as to claim your bargaining power

Aside from the fact that you have higher bargaining power if you already get an idea of the prices of the goods/services that you need online, it also saves you from online scams since you already know the fair price to expect.

When you have an idea of the price, it becomes easier for you to know how to bargain with the Vendor in a way that would be fair to both parties. You will also be able to discern when certain Vendors are not truthful with their offerings.

Go over the details of the Transaction before making payments

In a bid to close a seemingly good deal quickly, we often tend to ignore the important details of the transaction and this might not end so well. If you want to have the best online shopping experience, please pay attention to the details of your transaction before making payments. Whether you are paying on delivery, paying via bank transfer or using Escrow, take a couple of minutes to run through the details, the quantity, agreed delivery date and amount.

Do not divulge too much personal information when making purchases

A common way for people to get scammed online is through the excessive information that they divulge in the name of making purchases. No online store needs too much information before they can conclude transactions- use strong passwords and ensure that you do not release any sensitive information.

Final Notes

Online shopping can be smooth or otherwise, depending on how prepared you are. The lists above have been curated based on the different experiences of people that have had the need to shop for goods/services online. Vesicash Escrow is the best preparation that you can use because it proffers solutions to the different issues that might arise in the course of your online shopping. You can send us a mail at or call us at +2347039914767.