Have you ever wondered what goes on with the Humans of Vesicash and how we relate with the different Escrow Products and Services that we deliver? Today, I’ll be telling you about how the members of our team use different Vesicash products. 

Mariam, Customer Relationship Manager, Vesicash.

Starting with myself, I use Vesicash to avoid any wahala. I don’t want a situation where I will place an order for Y and the vendor ends up delivering F so, whenever I am patronizing anyone on any social media platform, I use Vesicash Escrow.

For orders that will require part-payments, I use the milestone feature to release part of the money and when I receive what I want, I release the balance left in Vesicash Escrow. Easy right? Well, life shouldn’t be harder than it already is.

Product/Content Team, Vesicash 

When it comes to working, my team (the best team in Vesicash: Product/Content team) uses it to pay anyone that’s doing a job for us on a contract basis. This includes influencers and marketing consultants- we recently started work with a digital marketing specialist Basit(@UncleBeeOla) who is working on getting Vendors to use Trizact and Vendors by Vesicash products. You already guessed right that he was paid upfront through Vesicash Milestone Feature.

Tomisin, CPO/Co-founder, Vesicash 

One of the senior men here makes use of Vesicash Product Link to sell premium pop-culture inspired tee shirts- check out @giditees and you will be glad. He has his payment link on his Instagram bio and you simply click on it to order then make payment. With the payment link, his customers can see the product details and there isn’t a need for constant DMs. This senior man sure knows the way to his customers’ hearts.

A mix of HR, Content and Sales Teams, Vesicash

I didn’t know that things were going on at Vesicash until I found out that some people here are running secret Ajo with Moneypool- later we will hear that money no dey Lagos.

Ajo involves a group of people (you na know yourselves) that take turns in pooling a certain quantum of savings to each participating member on a monthly basis, till the cycle is completed and all members have collected a similar amount of savings. With Moneypool you can run Ajo with anybody, whether colleagues, church members, trustworthy or even unknown people since your money will be safe and all members of the pool get notified when someone pays.

Engineering Team, Vesicash

Lastly, our technology is used for freelance projects and this has saved a lot of our Techies at Vesicash from sad stories because they make use of Instant Escrow to receive payment from their clients. They avoid the issue of chasing clients for balance after completing the jobs. Their money is safely held in Escrow and they can easily focus on getting their jobs done.

Final Thoughts

Writing about how we, at Vesicash, make use of our Escrow technology is because we want you to know that we aren’t aliens and of course, we don’t want you to be the only one enjoying transparency and accountability that we provide with our escrow products and services.

Now that I have let the secrets out of the bag, I would love to hear from you too. Which of our products make you tickle? Which one has saved you before? Feel free to send me these stories at mariam@vesicash.com or info@vesicash.com