How can an Escrow service help your hustle?

Vesicash Escrow Users

Vesicash is all about helping your business grow. Our flagship product, Vesicash Escrow is a unique system that is solving a big pain point for business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

You might be wondering what value using an escrow system could bring to your business, (or what Escrow actually means?)Well, wonder not, instead check out what some Vesicash users have to say about how using the Vesicash Escrow system takes away the headaches that come with receiving payments from their customers and clients.

Tammy Deshiy – Vlogger, Freelance Photographer, Videographer & Graphic Designer

“As a freelance photographer, videographer, artist and graphic designer, getting work has never been the difficult aspect of my trade. It has, however, always been the money aspect of things. It’s either I don’t get paid the full agreed upon rate by the client or I don’t get paid on time which often results in me delaying the delivery of the work.”

“I personally like to focus on the work itself and not chasing down the client to get my fee. This is where an escrow system like Vesicash comes in handy. I get to just focus on my creative ability without having to chase people down to get my due.”

“However, it takes a bit of effort to make the client understand the system and how it works. That’s probably the biggest obstacle in the escrow industry’s growth.”

Isaac Durotoye – Founder, HiPPOS and ZEBRAs

Isaac Durotoye

“Escrow services for freelancers cannot be overemphasized and it’s something that I believe to be one of the most important tools that any freelancer can have with them, just like he has the software to help him complete whatever task is given, so also Escrow is there for him to be able to accept payment without stress. Come to think of it, many people don’t trust freelancers just as freelancers most times don’t trust their customers not because of anything in particular,  but because of mutual experiences they’ve both had. Severally, customers have paid freelancers who in turn end up not carrying out the task they were expected to do, thus making the customer run at loss. On the other hand, more freelancers have carried out tasks for customers which at the end of the day, the customers either end up not paying or change their mind after the freelancer has invested time, energy and resources into the project which makes the freelancer the one at loss.

I believe that with Escrow, there will always be a mutual trust created between the customer and the freelancer as there is assurance that either party cannot get played. As a freelancer, I am sure my money is intact on completion of my job and as a customer, I am also sure that my money can be retrieved on failure of the freelancer delivering his job. This ensures that everyone is at rest”

May Anthony Lifestyle Limited – Fashion & Lifestyle Brand

“Most of our new customers are skeptical about making payment directly to us and reluctant to complete transactions, but with Vesicash they feel safer buying from us, because they know that their funds are safely held in escrow until they receive their orders. This gives them a certain confidence when making payment.”

Anthony of May Anthony

LegalForms Marketplace- Legal Services Marketplace

“LegalForms is a marketplace that connects Lawyers with their clients.

Our business is based on trust and by outsourcing that trust aspect to Vesicash, it allows us focus on our core business which is basically creating a seamless, and easy to use platform.”

Hire an experienced lawyer on LegalForms Marketplace

There you have it. Sign up on Vesicash today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using an Escrow service for your transactions.

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