What are Trizact Payment Links?

Trizact payment links eliminate fraud being encountered by sellers on Social Media Platforms by enabling them to receive escrow payments via their own unique payment links. Trizact Escrow is that middle man that ensures that transactions are seamless, transparent and fast. The need for a faster and safer payment option amongst those selling on Social Media Platforms and those buying from them became the inspiration for Trizact Payment Links.

With Trizact, all that is needed to get that assurance of payment is a unique payment link that would be generated for your business. It is unique, efficient and stress-free while adding an extra cloak of confidence over the transacting parties.

Why choose Trizact Payment Links?

  1. It provides an extra layer of assurance that the Buyer is ready to make a financial commitment before goods are sent.
  2. The confidence that the Seller has no intention of playing games with the Buyer.
  3. It eliminates the doubt that comes with Pay Before Delivery and Pay On Delivery by the transacting parties.
  4. The uniqueness that comes with your payment link- it is like exchanging your account number with a potential client but this time, it is an Escrow Account.
  5. Can be shared via all platforms and save you the stress of going back and forth in the DM.

How do I get started with Trizact?

  1. Visit trizact.vesicash.com to create your account by providing your business details, all within 3 minutes.
  2. A unique payment link is created for you. 
  3. Copy this Paylink and share it with your customers or your social media platforms.
  4. Once your link is clicked by the paying customer, you get notified and you can then proceed with the delivery since you are certain to get paid afterward.

Trizact Payment Links is your buddy whether you are a Social Media Vendor or if you intend to patronize these vendors. Both parties can transact without the fear that there will be regrets at the end of the day. Visit trizact.vesicash.com today for you to enjoy seamless Escrow transactions.