What is Milestone Escrow?

Milestone Escrow is a feature on the Vesicash platform that allows for payment to be made in installments or tranches for every delivered part of the project. As the name suggests, it is an escrow payment that can be paid in selected installments as agreed upon by the transacting parties.

Who can use Milestone Escrow?

Milestone Escrow is perfect for developers, designers, content developers and other creatives that desire an escrow system that rewards them based on the deliverable track. The payment feature was created to solve the problems associated with service-based transactions and get freelancers to deliver on their promises and get paid without any hassle. 

Why use Milestone Escrow for your next service-based transaction?

  1. Vesicash milestone feature makes it easy for you to get paid for each completed part of the service to be rendered.
  2. With the pro-rata or merit-based approach offered through Milestone Escrow, you are certain that your hard work is always rewarded appropriately.
  3. You will have no reason to doubt that the freelancer would deliver exactly what you both have agreed on at the beginning of the transaction and at the stipulated time.
  4. The feature allows you to set dates for the tranches to be paid.
  5. Milestone Escrow gives room for the completed task to be reviewed and verified, before moving on to the next phase of the project.
  6. It is perfect for service providers who require that a certain percentage of the total fees be paid upfront before the service production takes place.
  7. The provider of the service will be certain that the agreement to spread the payment out would be accounted for equitably.
  8. Vesicash Milestone Feature is seamless, transparent, and completely easy to navigate. 

How to get started with the Milestone Escrow Feature

Enjoy an extra layer of security and smooth instalment escrow payments with Milestone Escrow. Visit https://vesicash.com/solutions to use our Milestone payment.