Instant Escrow is a product that thrives in the meaning of its name- the instantness that comes with creating an escrow account. Instant Escrow allows you to create a transactional escrow account in as little as one minute. 

Who can use Instant Escrow?

  1. Anyone that loves smooth, fast and guaranteed transactions.
  2. Transacting parties in a time-bound transaction.
  3. A Buyer that wants to do an on-the-spot transaction.
  4. People that do not want to go through the hassle of creating an escrow account before they can transact.

Why use Instant Escrow?

  1. A dedicated landing page for smooth transactions.
  2. No need to sign up on Vesicash before you can use the product.
  3. All that is required to create a transactional escrow account is your email address and phone number and that of the recipient.
  4. It is super fast and an efficient way of handling escrow transactions.

How do I get started with Instant Escrow?

  1. Visit and enter your details and that of the other transacting parties plus other important information about the transaction.
  2. Proceed to make payment either via debit card or bank transfer.
  3. Control is given to you and the other party.