If you purchase things online regularly then you must have a varied experience with Merchants. There are some Merchants that you might have made returning purchases from due to the quality of the experience of your previous transaction- however, there are likely some that you probably wish that you never encountered in the first place. Well, I’ve been there too and this list is borne out of my different experiences with Online Sellers, enjoy!

‘DM for Price’ Merchants

Nothing has been funnier to me than seeing some Vendors post beautiful pictures of products online and not include the price tags. I don’t mind that you did not include the prices since I’m still assuming that you forgot- this is why some of us would still take the pain of commenting on the pictures to request the price. The DM for Price Vendors will now ask you to check your inbox for the price. My question has always been to know what it would cost these Vendors to explicitly state the price along with the pictures- I guess it is an Online selling code.

Sugar-coated Merchants

I love this category of Vendors although my account balance doesn’t like me meeting them. This is because Sugar-coated vendors will stop at nothing to ensure that you make a purchase from them- they are super sweet with the prices, they are the ones to swiftly give enticing discounts and even give suggestions on the best payment options like Escrow and also delivery. These Vendors will not stress you at all and transactions with them are seamless because they know how important you are and would treat you the same way.

‘No Discount’ Merchants

These types of Vendors are the ones that the Haggling Buyers do not like to meet because they can’t be coerced into giving discounts. This category is sure that they would eventually meet customers that “know quality” and won’t mind paying their quoted price so they don’t like wasting time on closing transactions. You might know this type of Vendor from the ‘Last Price’ tag explicitly stated on the pictures they post of their products online.

‘Payment validates order’ Merchants

These are Vendors that might have lost money to indecisive customers in the past and are being careful. These Vendors will tell from the moment you slide into their DMs that there is no ‘keep for me’ and that they assume that you are not buying from them until they see evidence of payment. To eliminate the fears of this type of Vendor, you would have to convince them that you are interested in buying by using Escrow payment so that they have the assurance that the money will be theirs once they deliver the ordered goods.


Different Online Merchants have adopted the methods that work best for them probably due to previous experiences with other customers before you. If you are really interested in buying from these set of people, especially if you are sure that the products are of good quality, then there’s no need for a lot of back and forth. Thankfully, Digital Escrow services provided by Vesicash will provide the needed transparency and give both Buyers and Sellers the confidence that there won’t be any shady games.


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