Are you tired of buying things online due to the fact that it seems like scammers are always on the ground to rip you off? Have you become an advocate of no online purchasing due to the unpleasant experiences you’ve had? Well, it is normal for anyone to become apprehensive about patronizing online vendors, especially after several unsavory experiences. However, we can not rule out the possibility that there may be certain things that we may have done wrong when trying to make an online purchase. This blog post will highlight some of the reasons that make you  keep losing money to fake vendors:


I understand that we all want the best deals possible for our money but knowing when to choose quality over price is very important. You want to buy hair extensions for instance and you’ve heard before that there are verified vendors for this product- you then see someone suddenly popping up on your timeline with deals you consider to be ‘mouthwatering’ but the person neither accepts Escrow nor allows payment-on-delivery. The first thing that comes to mind at that point is the urge to go for the less expensive one but before you do this, you never bother to confirm the authenticity of this brand. It is when you now receive ‘ojuju looking’ hair that you will realise that when you’re buying online, all that glitters is not gold.


Why be in a hurry to complete online transactions without conducting due diligence? Is it the fear of losing that juicy offer you got or you just don’t like to be ‘calming down?’ No matter how good a deal looks to you, it is important that you take time to confirm the price from other sources and also check out the Merchant thoroughly before making payment. You may ask,  “How do I confirm the legitimacy of a merchant?”  Well, that’s where has you covered.


You may be a very discreet person no doubt but when it comes to online shopping, you can never be too careful. There are certain times that the saving grace we’d get from falling victim to scammers is telling someone close to us who might have dealt with the person before or knows someone who did. With the internet at our disposal, we are more interconnected than we may know.


It boggles the mind that some shoppers are willing to risk their hard-earned money when there is a guaranteed extra layer of security provided by Vesicash Escrow. Confidence is a cool thing but choosing seamless assurance every time is cooler. It won’t cost you anything to always add that cloak of guaranteed payment security when buying online. If your merchant claims not to know how to sign up for Trizact payment link or get listed on the Vendors by Vesicash platform for instance, you can always opt for the Instant Escrow(link to the landing page) service and both of you will be assured of being on the same page.


There is no doubt that buying goods online or getting services delivered can be quite a risk, especially when we do not have a purchasing history with these Merchants. It is also important to know that not all Online Merchants have the aim of scamming but it won’t hurt to be extra vigilant too and not make mistakes that can cost hard-earned money. Always know when to choose quality over quantity, take time before rushing into juicy offers and  most importantly, use Digital Escrow payment services for your online transactions. 


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