Making good sales is the hope of every vendor, especially those with an online store. Since social commerce is gradually becoming the order of the day and most sales being completed online without having to physically meet the customers, a lot of vendors might have a hard time getting as many sales as they would want because of how big the online market is. However, we believe that applying certain tips will give you an edge above the others and make you stand out in this oversaturated market, here are five tips that will boost your sales:

Use quality photos for your adverts

An important part of smoothly running an online business is by putting up photos that vividly depict the goods or services that you offer. Seeing a product in its real form might improve sales for physical stores but putting up quality photos online would make it easy for your potential customers to see what they want to buy and this would pique their interests in what you have to offer through the pictures uploaded in your product links.

Give a vivid description of each product to guide your customer’s choice

Another way to increase your sales as a vendor is by giving a vivid description of each product that you put out for sale so that your potential and returning customers know the exact thing that they would get and this would also guide your customers to make good choices. When your customers know that they are certain to get descriptions on every product that you advertise, they will prefer you to other brands without this feature. Vendors by Vesicash product comes in handy in this case as it gives you the chance to upload your different products with their descriptions.

Make sure that the payment experience is seamless and safe

A major turnoff for customers is not having a payment option that stresses them and isn’t secure, this is why you should pay serious attention to your brand’s payment options so that your customers would not have to ditch you for other vendors with seamless payment options. Trizact is a product that will give you the needed edge and combination of seamlessness and transparency. With this unique payment link that can be easily shared with your customers to make a payment, you would be positioning yourself as a brand that prioritizes customer experience for its customers while also reaffirming that you are a trusted brand that has no plan of playing games with customer’s money. The aim of Trizact is to ensure that both the Vendors and their customers are on the same page when it comes to seamless transactions.

Post reviews of previous sales- it boosts trust in your brand

Seeing is indeed believing when it comes to making purchases online, this is why you have to instill trust in your brand by posting reviews of previous sales. When new customers see that there are others that have patronized you and are satisfied, they tend to have more faith in you delivering on what you promised. You can have your reviews boldly pasted on your Vendors by Vesicash platform so that Customers see more reasons to patronize you.

Make the prices visible and stick with quality items

Customers hate being stressed and would want to find a reason to go for another vendor, this is why you should avoid anything that would make them have a change of mind. A way to do this is by making your prices visible on every product- DM for the price is stressful and potential customers would rather go for the other multitudes of vendors that are willing to take their orders. 

Also, endeavour to stock and advertise only quality items so that your customers can be sure to get nothing but the best items from your brand. Once you have proven yourself to be the go-to person for quality items, your sales will increase as people tend to promote a reliable brand.

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