As an Online Vendor, there is no doubt that there are times you feel like quitting because sales are not as forthcoming as you would have wanted. While taking a break is fine, it is, however, important to pay attention to your business and see how you can improve- here are five things that you may be doing wrong as an Online Vendor:

Using Low-Quality Pictures

Seeing is believing when it comes to online purchases, Buyers want to have the closest feeling to what your goods/samples of services that they want to purchase in real life. This is why you should invest in taking high-quality pictures to be uploaded on your preferred medium of sales, do not just copy similar images from the internet as this is easy to detect.

If you can, take classes in Product Photography so that you can learn how best to take clean, clear and high-quality pictures of your products.

Asking Buyers to DM for Price

Picture yourself as a Buyer for once, you want to buy something online and have found a number of vendors to choose from. Imagine that out of the 5 Vendors that you are considering, 3 out of them have asked you to DM for the price while the other two have taken out their time to add prices and conditions for discounts- which of these vendors will you choose?

This is why price transparency is very important to purchase decisions. You want to remove anything that can become a blocker to the customer’s buying experience, as they can be fickle. While it is understandable that it might be tiring for you to add prices to all of your Products, you need to accept that you are in a very saturated space and you have to do all that there is to give you an upper hand over others. If you cannot create a catalogue, the Product Link by Trizact feature helps you add all the details of your products and the links can be easily shared with potential customers or even placed on your bio.

‘NO REFUND POLICY’ on your Page

We know that you may have had to deal with some problematic Buyers that would seek refunds for the flimsiest of excuses but putting up a No Refund tag on your Business Page chases those with good intentions away.

This tag screams ‘your money is not safe with me’ mindset and you will agree that everyone wants to shop with a Vendor that they can trust to give them the best value for their money. Using Escrow Payment options would be a great alternative to this tag as it does not only give the Buyer the needed confidence that their money is safe but, it also assures you as the Seller that once you deliver as requested, your money would get to you.

Posting only Positive Reviews

Fair enough, you may be wondering how this is problematic. Well, it isn’t but as they say, too much of anything is not good and people want a balance of both sides of the coin.

It is cool to post Positive Reviews as they boost the confidence in your brand no doubt but have you considered showing that you are capable of handling difficult and seemingly unpleasant situations too? You should try this for a change- make posts about how a situation that would have caused trouble with your customer was managed by you or not. It shows your flexibility and determination to make sure that your customer is always happy.

You have to sometimes show your potential customers that you are equipped with skills that are handy when certain sales are about to go south, reveal your failures and how you learned from them and watch people trust you more.

Giving non-flexible Payment Options

Life is all about choices, and people would always like to exercise this right, especially when it comes to parting with their hard-earned money and that’s understandable. What you would be doing wrong as a Vendor, however, is to strip them of that chance.

Give your potential and current customers flexible payment options, and let them know when you are running discounts and if they are allowed to pay in installments. Most importantly, give them the Escrow Payment Option that annihilates all doubts and risks that can come with online transactions, people will be convinced to buy from you when they trust you with their money.

Final Notes

We understand that running an online business is not an easy feat and might be sometimes overwhelming but, we think that the list that we have curated is something that you should pay attention to so that you can stop making these mistakes and get your business back on track.

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