Creating a good brand is a task that can never be overestimated because of the values associated with branding. Whether you own an eCommerce store or a startup, it is important for people to be able to align with your business values and this can be done by giving them a good perception of what you do.

In order to perfectly create a brand that stands out and speaks for itself, it is best if you begin the branding the moment you nurse the idea of your business so that it is easier for you to carve out a brand that truly reflects the value that you set out to achieve. Below are some of the steps that we tried out for the Vesicash brand and would love to share with you too:

Research on your audience and competitors

A good start to creating any brand for business is by knowing who the recipients of the branding are for. Who am I trying to speak to? What would appeal to them more? What are these people looking to see? What sort of value am I selling? How best can I sell this value to them? Who are the competitors in my niche? What are these people doing differently? 

The above questions are some of the ones that need answers before you start the branding process. The essence of the research is to help you carve out the best strategies that would help give your business the needed image.

Choose a good business name

Your business name is a very important part of branding for any business and choosing a good name goes a long way in determining the success or otherwise of the brand you are trying to build. In order to carve out the best name for your business, you need to consider the following:

  1. Is the name easy to pronounce or remember?
  2. Does the name reflect the value your business sets to provide?
  3. Will the name be encapsulating for expansion in the future?

All these are questions that should have been answered in the research stage so that you leave no stone unturned in your branding journey.

Carve a catchy slogan

What do you want your business to be known for? How do you think a brand like Coca-Cola came up with this slogan, ‘Great Tasting and Refreshing’, or how similar do you think this slogan, ‘Secure Escrow Service’ is related to what we do at Vesicash

In branding, a slogan should be expressly suggestive of what you do because most clients would not waste time checking you out without having a reason to do so. Do not forget that yours is not the only business giving the same value as you do, this is why you should not waste any opportunity to sell yourself as the best. 

Another thing to consider when carving a slogan is that it should be very simple, short, and catchy so that it can be easily tagged in your social media bios, header, and even business cards.

Decide on a brand look in terms of Colors and Fonts

What color do you want your brand to be known for? What font do you want to stick with? In order to visually appeal to your audience and remain in their minds for a very long time, your colors and fonts have to be consistent in everything that you do. People remember what they see so you should never forget to make a great visual impression on your clients. A mistake you do not want to make however is to pick a similar color to those used by your competitors- you would not only be confusing your intending customers, but you might also end up feeding your clients directly into the competitor’s hands.

You should consider the above to in terms of fonts- your brand font should stand out from the rest and you should also put into consideration, how easily adaptable the fonts would be across the different areas they’d be needed.

Work on your business logo

The things to think through when designing your logo are:

  1. Is it scalable across all platforms?
  2. Is it unique and catchy?
  3. Is it expressive enough of your value as a business?
  4. Will it be responsive to mobile and web?

Thinking about the places you’d be using the logo in the long run, will the logo you are designing work perfectly from your social media accounts to your newsletter or the letterhead? Will it be simple to interpret? Will it be easily noticeable? Put all of these into consideration and you are on your way to creating a perfect logo for your business.


Creating a brand for your business takes conscious efforts and planning because it would go a long way in giving your business the needed perception that helps it stand out from the crowd. Research well, take your time, and put all the needed factors into consideration so that you do not only create a good brand, you create one that stands out and is sustainable.


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