Doing business is an extreme sport in Nigeria, especially with the myriad of scammers who perpetually put a negative tag on online Vendors through their dubious ways. Most online shoppers have fallen victim to these scammers and the result of this is a  lack of trust in online vendors  At Vesicash, we’ve realized that a lot of sincere vendors are at the receiving end and f and that’s why we came up with a solution that validates, promotes and endorses honest and hardworking online vendors/merchants: Vendors by Vesicash platform.

Vendors by Vesicash is a directory of all verified social commerce businesses in the country and its aim is to help shape the face of online transactions by projecting only legit vendors for buyers to transact with. As an online business owner that is still unsure about the need to list your business on this platform, here are 5 reasons that will help convince you:

It lends credibility to your brand

With the continued lack of trust for online businesses, getting yours listed on the Vendors by Vesicash platform shows that you are genuine and entirely different from the scamming flock. When a potential customer sees that all your business details are provided and can be easily verified across your social media platforms, it boosts their trust in your brand and gives them the confidence that their money is safe with you.

Buyers can easily check out your products and make informed decisions to buy from you.

Picture your Vendors by Vesicash profile as your online store where buyers can check out the products that have been listed for sale on your different Social Media pages or website. When potential buyers can easily access what you have, it helps them to  make the decision to buy from you since no buyer wants to stress themselves searching for other vendors.

Payment for goods and services is very easy through the Trizact link added to your profile.

One of the major concerns for buyers looking to purchase items online is the mode of payment. While some would not agree to paying before delivery due to past experiences with dubious vendors, others would just want a guarantee that they would get the exact thing that was ordered. Thanks to Vendors by Vesicash platform that has worked on a solution for both sides, payment can be made into a secure escrow account through the unique Trizact payment link that is linked to your profile. With this seamless payment solution, your customers can pay into escrow via bank transfer or debit card, confident that their money is safe and won’t be released to you till the order has been received.

Upon completion of transactions, Buyers can leave reviews.

A good way of gaining more customers is by giving them a reason to trust what you stand for and there’s no better trick to getting this than using past reviews of your customers. When new buyers see that there are others before them that have bought from you and have good things to say, they are more inclined to buy from you than taking a risk buying from a vendor with no record. 

With Vendors by Vesicash platform, buyers can leave a review which new ones can see when they visit your profile.

It is your perfect combination of assurance and seamless digital transactions

Getting your business listed on the Vendors by Vesicash platform shows that you want to run a smooth online brand that is void of doubts and stress. The combination of the assurance that you give your customers who will be confident to buy from you and the smooth escrow payment option that they get to enjoy is something that would endear you to them.

To enjoy the amazing benefits of getting your business listed on the Vendors by Vesicash platform, visit to sign up. If you have an existing Trizact account, read this guide on how to get listed.