I was recently contacted by one of my partners in the UK, asking me about the best way to facilitate a domain sale without leaving room for doubts. We had earlier discussions about the possibility of transferring one of our domains to him but we had pended the idea because he had heard a lot of stories about ‘Naija’and how some people get duped over the exchange of digital assets like this.

I had no intentions to dupe him but would I blame him? I also had my reservations about sending the details of the domain to him with good faith that the payment would be released once he had the domain. A lot of questions were going on in my head but you wouldn’t blame me for being extra careful- Oyinbos too are capable of duping others.

After asking around, words got to me that Escrow was the safest way to go with a transaction of this volume, especially because we both needed something to serve as proof of delivery. Choosing the Escrow provider to use was not a problem because Vesicash came up highly recommended.

My partner created the transaction on the website, added the important details and made the payment. I was notified immediately and was also given the timeframe for the payment to reflect in the account because it was a USD transaction. 

Upon confirmation of the payment, I transferred the domain details to my partner and we waited on the inspection window which we had set for 5 days. Inspection over and my partner being satisfied with the domain, he confirmed the receipt of the domain and then proceeded to release the payment to me.

I must confess that this is the first time I would transact with such a high volume and would not be scared that the other party would play funny games. I have now found a better way to transact with complete confidence that my transaction is safe.

Vesicash Escrow has given a new meaning to transacting in a space that is riddled with stories of fraudsters disguising themselves as genuine persons. There is no doubt in Escrow and you can be certain to get full value for your money. If you want to know about how Vesicash would help you get total confidence in your transaction, visit www.vesicash.com. You can also shoot an email to info@vesicash.com or call +2347039914767.