#EndSARS Movement is trending Worldwide and there have been clamors from all quarters on the need to end the brutality, profiling, harassing and indiscriminate arrest of innocent and law-abiding citizens by agents of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. With the recent happenings, it would only be wrong if you choose to stay silent- you can’t sit on the fence about #EndSARS and this is why we at Vesicash have put together some of the things you can do to help out:

Protest Peacefully

A lot of peaceful #EndSARS protests are going on in the country at the moment and the good news is that there would always be a location close to you. Join the next train of peaceful protesters in your area but don’t forget to wear good gears and walk in clusters. Also, go to the protests with a valid means of identification and do not set out to cause chaos as you protest.

 Donate to the #EndSARS movement

If you won’t be able to protest due to some reasons, you can support the movement by donating to the cause. There are verified donation links that you can use and your money can help provide food to protesters or even help in paying hospital bills.

Tweet and Retweet #EndSARS consistently

The only way the movement can gain traction is for us to amplify it at every opportunity. There are dedicated hashtags like #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND and more recently, #EndSWAT- it won’t cost you anything to tweet about happenings in your area and retweet from verified sources so that others can have details of the situation.

Educate people around you

Some people still think that the #EndSARS movement is being spearheaded by criminals and online fraudsters. It is your duty as a Nigerian to properly educate them on the need to bring our voices together and amplify the need for #EndSARS.

Keep track of happenings

Your picture or videos can be the saving grace for someone about to be framed up for crimes not committed. If you have pictures, videos, or even audios about the protests, guard them well. There’s is a dedicated website that you can update them on. These pictures and video content can also help in educating others to see the true state of things and convince them to lend their voices in ending Police brutality in the country.

Finally. do not act unconcerned, you don’t have to wait till you are personally affected before you see the need to amplify the #EndSARS movement. The above listed are some of the ways you can help out and the only thing you should not do is NOTHING!

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