When you use Vesicash escrow products, it is designed to be a seamless and intuitive process. However, during the transaction or sign-in process, you may come across some notifications that you’re unsure of how best to go about resolving. Our customer support line +2347039914767 is always just a call away, but there’s always the DIY alternative that could get it sorted in no time, as most of these issues can be resolved in a jiffy if you can identify what they mean and how best to go about it. These are some of the reminders, what they imply, and how to get them cleared:


This appears to have been the most common out of the notifications that clients have issues with. The likely reason to have this message pop up are:

  • You try to log into the account with either correct email + incorrect password or incorrect email + correct password.

To fix this, you should confirm that the email address is correct and that the password tallies with what was used during the signup process. Once this is confirmed, try to reload the page and input the correct sign-in details to proceed. 


This notification may occur due to either of the following:

  • You log in with the correct email and password but do not follow the upper and lower case structures used during the signup process. For instance, a client signs up with ‘Blog@vesicash.com’ and then tries to sign in with ‘blog@vesicash.com’. 
  • You log in with an email address or password that exceeds 50 characters. 

To resolve this, you should confirm that the email address and password that you tried to sign in with follows the same structure as the one you signed up with, you can log into the account once you fix this.


The essence of this notification is to serve as a check for you to confirm that all the required fields have been completed before trying to either create a new account or sign into an existing one. The likely scenarios are:

  • You try to create a Trizact account without filling in a password or phone number.
  • You make an attempt to log in with a blank email address and password.

This notification is automatically dismissed once you go back to input the correct details in the required fields.


This message pops up when a user creates an account without clicking the Terms and conditions box. The system automatically redirects you to the box so that you can accept the terms and conditions before proceeding to create the account. Once you review and accept the Terms and Conditions and thereafter checks the box, you may proceed as the message clears out.


You may encounter this notification while trying to sign in. The likely reasons either of the two messages above would pop up are:

  • You create a new account with an email address that had been earlier used for a different account. For instance, an email address that had been earlier used for an Instant escrow product is being used to create a Trizact account or a situation where you can’t recollect the email address used for the same product and then proceed to create another account with the same details.
  • You try to create a new account with a phone number that had earlier been used for another account.

To clear this notification, you should:

  1. Use a different email address to create the new account or sign in to the account that was previously created.
  2. Try out a different phone number for the new account you want to create or sign in to the current account that you hold with us. Our system automatically detects repetitive email addresses and phone numbers but the error is cleared out once you rectify the mistake made.

The notifications listed above are all encountered at the point of trying to create a new account or sign in to an existing account. We encourage you to try out these recommendations before making conclusions that the system doesn’t work. If you are still having difficulties after trying them out, please feel free to reach out to us via the customer support line stated earlier or send us an email at info@vesicash.com