Are you a Freelancer? Here’s how to ensure that clients always pay for your services

Does this sound familiar? You spend your time and money to meet a client at a bar, discuss their project, slave away to meet their deadline, only for them to “ghost” you when it’s time to pay!. You’ve sent invoices, texted, called, emailed and even threatened to take down the project – yet, nothing. You get tired of chasing and you decided to leave them to fate

For a long time, freelancers – software developers, graphic designers, photographers, consultants, copywriters and independent workers in Nigeria and across the world have had to deal with late payments; client forgets to pay, or just outright refuses to pay for work that has been done. In fact, a report from PayPal’s 2018 survey showed that 58% of freelancers have experienced not being paid for their work.

So how can you prevent this?   

To avoid being included in that dismal number, freelancers have to be strategic. Freelancers need to find a systematic way to hold clients accountable. Of a truth, having a contract helps but that too only works when the client is within reach. Why not prevent the aforementioned scenarios from playing out at all?

Using Vesicash escrow lets you secure all your payments from even the most dubious of clients.

We verify your identity along with that of your client, the terms of the work to be done are set to and agreed to by you and your client, when your client pays and funds are held securely in the Vesicash vault and only released when both of you are happy. If something goes wrong, we help out with speedy resolution of any disputes.

What kind of jobs does Vesicash Escrow cater for?

Our escrow technology caters for two types of transactions:

  1. Milestones: you get paid after every completed milestone. 
  2. One-off: you get paid one time, immediately you complete the work to be done.

So if you’re a photographer, script writer, software developer, whatever the service you render, Vesicash Escrow protects both you and your client in any transaction so that you can do business with anyone, anywhere in complete confidence.
Prevention is better than cure, don’t wait till you find yourself in a position of fighting for your own money. Visit to create an account and start securing your business.

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