Running a business is never an easy task, no doubt but the major yardstick in determining the success or otherwise of a business is the kind of relationship that exists between a business entity and her customers. We know and understand that customers can promote the visibility of a business and this is why we never take our customers for granted at Vesicash.

In the spirit of the Customer Service Team 2020, we would like to share with you, five of the lessons we have learnt in the course of providing Escrow payment solutions for our customers:

No single approach works for all- Be dynamic

As a business that aims to solve the problem of online fraud and foster trust between transacting parties, we understand that our clients are dynamic in their ways and needs. This is why we ensure that each customer’s use case is properly documented and attended to. You’d be surprised to know that a process as simple as logging into an account won’t be a key that fits into all holes. Since our aim is to help each customer eliminate all fears and discrepancies in digital payments, we are never tired of trying out different approaches for the different sets of customers that we have.

Sell the Value, not the Product

When we started out, it wasn’t too long for us to realize that customers are interested in knowing the value that you intend to sell to them, and not the product you push out. For instance, customers want you to tell them that using your Product would provide an easier way of doing things. It is now left to us as a company to carve out ways of selling these values in the best ways possible.

Think like the Customer would

To get the best customer-business relationship, it is very important for a business to put themselves into the customer’s niche and think of the processes like the customers would. When reeling out products or having conversations with potential and converted clients, we think like we are the ones using the products and this enables us to consider every single step and explore the easiest ways for our users. Another side to this style is that it helps to make conversations with the customers personal, rather than transactional.

There is  not doubt that the ultimate aim is to get customers to use our products but rather than focus on this in all entirety, we consider ways of making our customers become a part of the whole process, they begin to feel like an actual part of the process, and that we are making the product work for them. When Customers see themselves as an integral part of  the business, it is easier to know what works for them and what doesn’t.

Always take note of Concerns and Feedback

Any business that wants her customers to trust and respect their brand must be ready to always take note of the complaints and concerns of the customers and must attend to them promptly. It is a competitive world that we are in and for every Product or service rendered, there’s always someone else running it. This is why it is important to attend all concerns of the customers as and when due, it is our job to provide the best value possible and we don’t want to lose a customer because we think their concerns are not too valid.

This same attitude should be put into feedback given- not every customer has the patience to go through your processes and tell you what they feel needs to be improved. We do not only work on the improvements, we also take our time to reach out to the persons concerned and ensure that it is working the way they want it to.

Appreciate your Customers- they are the reason you can Brand with value to offer

Any business that does not take time out to appreciate their customers might be heading down a downward spiral. It is not only that you provide the best value possible for their money, you should also thank them for choosing in the first place. Right from the time anyone signs up on our platform to the point that eventually transact, it is best to be with them on every step taken and appreciate them for it.


In the course of providing payment security for our customers through our Digital Escrow solutions, we have learned a lot of lessons that have helped us stay on top of our customers’ needs and give the best value possible. It is important to note that the above points are not textbooks, rather, they are from our own experiences. For more information about our Products and Services, do visit and get started on the path to safe, genuine, and seamless digital transactions.


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