Vesicash Escrow has reeled out many features and products that are perfect for all use cases and scenarios. Whether it is a one-off payment or you need multiple parties involved in your Escrow transaction, there’s an Escrow feature that would work for you. 

Since we aim to ease the processes involved as much as we can, here are some tips that will help you pick the best product/feature for your next transaction:

The Number of Transacting Parties

Is your transaction between just you as the Buyer and the Seller or between multiple parties? The number of parties involved in the transaction would make it easier for you to select the best Escrow Product to use.

If it is just between the Buyer and Seller, you can easily create a Personal account on the website or use the Instant Escrow product, Trizact will also come in handy in this case.

If the parties involved are more than two then, you can consider using the Broker Escrow Feature specifically created for Third-Party escrow management and multiple parties.

The Mode of Payment Disbursement 

Do you want the payment released immediately after the delivery is confirmed or do you want it per each completed milestone? Would you rather give another entity the power to handle the transaction on your behalf?

The Vesicash Team has carefully considered the above scenarios and so, there’s always something that works for you.

If you want payment released immediately, then any of the earlier mentioned products would work. If you prefer to get paid in tranches, you should consider using the Milestone Feature and if you would love to give other people power over the transaction, consider the Broker/Third-Party Escrow Feature.

Business Type

As a business owner looking to give your clients the best shopping experience through Escrow, it is important to understand your business type as this would help you select the appropriate Escrow solution for your clients.

Are you tired of the Buyers asking you to send your account number? You can create a Trizact Paylink and put it on your bio or go the extra step of adding your catalogue through Product Links by Trizact.

If you have a website, you can easily integrate our Payment API and have your clients pay from there, you can customize it as you wish too.

If you are a Dropshipper or you own a Marketplace, your integration can be tweaked in a way that disbursements are made to multiple parties at the same time.

Final Notes

You no longer have to stress yourself about the type of Escrow Product/ Feature to pick for your next transaction, these tips will guide you through.

Are there other things that you consider before picking the Vesicash Escrow feature/product to use? We’d love to know about it, kindly send us an email at or call us at +2347039914767.