Wait, can you believe that it is December already? I still check the calendar from time to time just to be sure because it seemed as if we skipped the months between March and now. Anyways, how are you? How did you take the news of the second wave of the Covid-19? Shocking right? This year came fully loaded but I’m glad to know that you are hanging in there,  we can only hope that 2021 would be better.

Well, in spite of all that year 2020 has brought with it, we’ve had a pretty amazing year at Vesicash– all thanks to you for cheering us on because we could have crashed under the weight but you kept us in business, you told us to keep going. Seeing that you used our products and gave us timely feedback made us realize that there was no going back on our promise to give you seamless, transparent, and guaranteed Escrow payment solutions. Thank you.

Consider this blog a recount of our stewardship, we want to let you in on how we’ve fared as a business this year, we would love to keep you informed on how much we have achieved, even when it looked impossible. Let us take a look at our highlights for the year ending 2020!


We reeled out three amazing products this year, our sweet Trizact, darling Instant Escrow, and our super cool Vendors by Vesicash product. 

In February, Trizact was launched to serve social commerce users that have had a hard time convincing their clients that they are legit. Trizact is a unique payment link that can be shared with customers to make payments into. This unique payment link leads to a secure escrow account and the Seller doesn’t get paid until the order is delivered. We even had a launch at our Osapa Office where we invited Social commerce users to try the product on the spot- we had plenty of food and drink too?.

June heralded the welcome of Instant Escrow into the market- we figured that most Escrow users have a hard time following through with the processes so we worked on this product that saves users a lot of time by making them set up a transactional escrow account in as less as 2 minutes.

We didn’t stop at Instant Escrow, especially when you gave us fantastic feedback that spurred us into action- we wanted to give you ease and trust embedded in escrow transactions. We realized that most Buyers are scared of transacting with Social commerce owners out of fear of being duped. Vendors by Vesicash was launched in August and the response was overwhelming- thank you for making us improve!


We did not only reel out new products, we also improved on existing ones to serve you better’.

Some of the notable improvements this year are:

1. We added the Php and Node SDKs for developers to easily access our escrow capabilities for their clients.
2. We added a redirect and webhook URLs to our WordPress plugin.
3. We updated our Marketplace Plugin to enable users to select platform type and directly disburse funds.


We became partners with an innovative financial institution, Providus Bank so that we can give you a smooth and seamless Escrow user experience… With this partnership, our clients are able to enjoy more seamless solutions- every Escrow transaction is safely secured in a new Providus bank account for more security.


Thank you for journeying with us this year. We appreciate you for being with us, every single step that we took. We do not take your support for granted and this is us telling you that you will enjoy more payment security in the coming year. Cheers to a beautiful new year in advance! We hope that the ride would be a more beautiful one.